Earthwork & Road Construction.


Our full range of earthwork services for civil and commercial contracts include:


  • Large-scale bulk earthworks including, site clearance, haulage, site works and roads


  • Detailed excavation, backfill, water cartage, ground levelling and compaction around structures


  • In-ground services including trenching, bedding, service placement, final backfill and compaction


  • General pre-construction works, plant and labour hire


Civil Engineering & Concrete. 


  • Groundworks


  • Concrete Structures


  • Drainage


  • Utility


  • Building


TTM have his own topography and laboratory equipment.

Haulage & Fleet Management/Rental.


For operations of all sizes, TTM offers our customized fleet services. Designed to optimize your entire fleet of mobile equipment, our Fleet Services enhances your service delivery and fleet operations by streamlining your fleet size and improving utilization, operational performance and service levels.


By transferring fleet ownership and operational risk to our mobile equipment specialists, your internal costs are reduced while safety and efficiency are enhanced.

TTM has more than 20 years of experience renting equipments and providing fleet management services to operations across Guinea. From mining, construction to oil & gas, metals and power to telecommunications and product distribution, we bring a unique solution for every facility.

Construction / Mining




TTM provide a complete earthwork solution to our clients in the civil, mining and resources sectors. The provision of bulk and detailed earthworks is our core business and we are proud to have established an excellent reputation, throught our several projects with majors mining companies, as an organised and efficient earthmoving business.

Our Civil Engineers and Project Managers work to ensure that all safety, quality and environmental factors have been taken into account prior to commencement of bulk or detailed earthworks. Our experienced management team and well-skilled operators ensure that the work is completed on time and on budget. In addition, TTM owns and operates a range of earthmoving plant and equipment supported by heavy haulage trucks, trailers.