Our company’s mission is services benefits to mining companies in Guinea and ECOWAS, in the field:









Our Values.


These values form the foundation of the T.T.M culture – a foundation of respect for both clients and fellow staff. With these values at the centre of our work, our team is able to reliably deliver quality projects within our clients’ timeframes and budgets.


  • SAFETY - Safety is our first value

  • TEAMWORK - Members of the T.T.M team look after each other, share the workload, and keep each other on-task and performing. Our work crews are distinguished by co-operation and mateship.

  • LOYALTY - Our people have a passion for the T.T.M name and reputation. T.T.M is a great place to work, with longstanding personnel, and new starters that choose T.T.M over other job opportunities.

  • PROFESSIONALISM - We meet client timeframes due to our mastery of the skills and knowledge needed to complete the job, the application of quality principles, and being known and reputed as safe, productive and effective performers. 

  • HARDWORK - We are flexible and able to meet unexpected needs of clients that may arise while working on a project. We have our own team of direct employees and equipment, meaning we are able to mobilise teams quickly to site and effect high productivity on the job.

  • PASSION - T.T.M people have a can-do attitude, find enjoyment and pride in the job and work environment, and share a passion for quality. T.T.M staff experience career satisfaction and are positive about the job, the company and the people.


Company Profile.


T.T.M is a fully Guinean-owned private company employing over 300 personnel across the nation. T.T.M provides the full spectrum of earthwork, civil and concrete construction services to major clients around West Africa.

Since it was established in 1995 by Eric Rafin (CEO) and Sire Sangare Rafin (CFO), the company has delivered every facet of earthwork and civil engineering, from road construction to mining infrastructure and haulage. With an in-house team of specialists, T.T.M has the capacity and manpower required to rapidly mobilise an expert team to your project. T.T.M has a stable, strong and continuing reputation as a professional organisation capable of undertaking multiple large projects in locations all around West Africa.


The steady growth of our workforce during the years since T.T.M was created has allowed us to deliver increasingly complex and large-scale projects, ensuring a consistent standard of work every time. T.T.M has a range of service areas in its history of operating, including logistics, transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, road construction, detailed and bulk earthworks; civil engineering; surveying; haulage ; equipment rental. Our business has been founded on satisfied clients who regularly approach us to assist with their next project.

In our corporate lifetime, T.T.M has been involved in major projects with industry-changing outcomes, including the construction of tailings dam and transportation of chemicals at AnglogoldAshanti Siguri site. See our Current Projects for more information.

T.T.M safety programme, evolved naturally out of this positive work culture. Our people continue to pride themselves on exceeding client expectations, both on and off site, by combining superior workmanship with a high quality of service.